Born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the home of the Gibson Guitar company and a rich and diverse music scene, Curtis Lee Putman found his musical love in traditional Country and Blues. Curtis Lee has been forging ahead in life as a father, a worker, a lover, a fighter, he even gave being a husband a try, but it didn’t work out. He’s referred to as the Rambling Man.
At the age of 12 he started playing the guitar and cultivated his own sound from the varied musical influences that surrounded him. Curtis Lee’s mother and grandfather are both classically trained musicians, but he clearly remembers the first time he heard a cassette tape of Hank Williams Sr. Curtis Lee was 5 and the song was “Lost Highway.” He was instantly captivated and remembers begging his father to take him to the store and let him pick out his first cassette Hank Williams as Luke The Drifter. He was only a boy, but felt that the music spoke to him. It’s only fitting that Curtis Lee now lives between Montgomery, Alabama, as Williams did, and Kalamazoo.

When it comes to being an outlaw .... Curtis Lee Putman doesn’t just play the part or sing the songs, he has lived being a wanted man, a fugitive hunted, and fought one of the most corrupt court systems in the nation. However, he is not the criminal you might be expecting based on his rap sheet. He is a real-life lone ranger who gambled his life as the wager against his truth and integrity, and the proof is the fact has still here to sing about it and not in prison. As a further testament to how Curtis Lee has been able to remain #Tallinthesaddle and rise above, he is now friends with lawmakers, judges, and politicians and actively involved in advocacy for and raising awareness of parental alienation and fighting for the rights of those falsely accused.

After receiving several of life's curve balls, usually knocking them back over the fence but not always, Curtis Lee has overcome his demons and found peace. He finds himself in a place where good has come from the bad. Singing and songwriting have soothed his soul and now he wants to share it.

“My music, it’s my truth,” he said.

Whether he is doing a solo acoustic performance or with "The Rambling Man Blues Band” behind him, he always entertains. Expect to hear everything from a blues jam to Johnny Cash and plenty of originals mixed in, such as “Tall in the Saddle (When I ride)”, “One More Dance" and "It’s Over.”

Curtis Lee has had plenty of radio play and interviews on Jango and iHeart Radio and other Internet radio stations like that is syndicated on the Radio365 network. He also receives plenty of airplay on FM stations like WIDR 89.1, an indie college station, 98.5fm, a major-market country station and a number of online radio stations here and abroad. Curtis Lee doesn't fit perfectly into any genre, his music can be found on Country, Alternative Country, Blues and his studio version of “It’s Over” plays in the alternative metal format on iHeart.

When asked what style of music he plays he usually says, "I just play music, the good kind, the universal language of everyone. Because really, we’re all saying the same thing.”

Curtis Lee Putman is a dynamic performer, a gifted songwriter and a strong musician. He easily identifies with and grabs the attention of his audience weather it’s two people or two thousand. He leaves the audience cheering for more. Curtis Lee Putman likes to call his shows a party instead of a performance. And that’s usually the case with some damn good music that you're sure to enjoy.

Curtis Lee is also a business man and started CLP Music Promotions LLC., a small promotion and distribution label. He feels that so many artists are not heard because they cannot sustain the cost of promotion and don’t have the time it takes. The business started when Curtis Lee found himself in a unique situation.

“Everything I had was already either sold or taken the only thing I had left was myself a few songs and an old guitar, so I figured I’d better learn how to sell what I had,” he said.

That’s what he did, elevating himself to 54th in the USA and 56th globally on the ReverbNation country charts and sustaining that position for several months back in 2013. It didn’t come overnight either. But through relentless efforts he found the way to get himself out there with almost no budget and it worked people have been taking notice ever since. Now the latest single #Tallinthesaddle has risen in just a few weeks to 27th in the USA and 28th globally, and is still trending up.

Curtis Lee Putman is a member of the Montgomery Area Musicians Association as well as the Kalamazoo Valley Blues Association is currently doing radio interviews, making guest appearances with other top local artists and booking venues near you. He is scheduled to complete his latest EP this fall, with two songs to follow #Tallinthesaddle which releases formally on June 23rd.

#TallInTheSaddle (When I Ride)

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One More Dance

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It's Over

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Curtis Lee's Blues

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