Hey Dadio is a family affair, with Peter's son Sean McCready playing guitar and bass and vocals, Peter McCready (Sean and Chris' Father)providing vocals and harminica (he is also one of the main writers along with Sean). Then there's the guitar guy Chris McCready (Brother of Sean , son of Peter). Chris also writes som songs too. Th music these boys make is old style blues. It's like this, imagine an old beat up acoustic, played on the front porch in a sweltering heat in Texas or Louisiana. This is the music that guy would be playing.

Waiting for my Chipmonk

Blues Rock
h h

No Reason Why
A little Bluesy Ditty by Hey Dadio. it started out as a bass rif and then it took off from there. My dad wrote the lyrics and Chris added some lead guitar and bang. We have the song.

Blues Rock
h h

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Psyche's Muse

6/24/2016 5:45:34 AM
hey, your song "No reason Why" is playing fine, added it to my station, but for some reason the time shows 8:38(song is not that long)... like I said ...it plays fine and stops at the end of the song... not sure if this would/could cause a problem in the future(some may not want to add it to a station based on length shown)... heck, they should listen to it all the way to the end anyway I guess. May not be a "real" problem because it does play and end as it "should" though "not as expected" based upon the "displayed length"... I was "expecting" more song when it ended(kinda disappointed in a way- haha!) Later. -M-



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