Marcos Kuusjärvi and Veli Eronen formed Max and the Ducks 2009.
Anna-Kaisa Pippuri joined the group 2010 and step aside spring 2016.
Niina Maria Kemppainen joined the group 2014 and is a lead singer of the Ducks.

Band is originally from Finland. At the end of the 2014 Kuusjärvi and Eronen moved to Spain to find new inspirations for new songs.
Max and the Ducks are running their own Radio Show Tuesday (Max and the Ducks Show) , Friday(Morning Show with Ducks) and Saturday(Max and the Ducks Show) They are introducing new artists around the world. Also many artists from N1M. Max and the Ducks Show is broadcasted also on Estonian Radio Station SSS-Radio every Saturday and Sunday.

The first Max and the Ducks song was Aqui, The Disco Queen. Released 2010.
The first song will be made again with new name Aqui The Queen 2.0.
The first album release was Ducktales 2010. Album is no more available.
Some of the first tracks are made later again. Who The Fuck Is Alice is a re-make the first version of the song was Can I Be Your Alice on the first album Ducktales.

Releases and chart entries! Official finnish download charts.
2012 Karjalan Niityt ( 5 song EP)
2012 My Heart Is On The Road Again ( 3 song single)
2013 Snowman/Ballroom Hitz (single)
2013 Misery (Highest position finnish chart 8)
2014 Highland ( 3 song single)
2014 Don´t Tell Mama ( 3 song single) (highest position finnish chart 13)
Fields Of Karelia (Highest position finnish chart 28)
2014 A Song For Life (Highest position finnish chart 5)
2014 Who The Fuck Is Alice (Highest position finnish chart 1)
2015 Summer Breeze/Highland (Instrumental version) was released 26.06.2015
(highest position Finnish chart 13)
2015 This Bond Is Tight/This Bond Is Tight (Eurovision edit)/ Love Is 01.10.2015
This Bond Is Tight is the most successful song for Max and the Ducks. It was Top Ten hit for 5 weeks in Finland. Highest position 2.
2016 My Name Is Eve/Cabaret/Kabaree

Colors of life with music is a Max and the Ducks concept.
Ducks are telling stories about life.
The band is creating new song in Spain.
Max and the Ducks has 3 different producers teams to support new songs.

Who The Fuck Is Alice is not a rude song. It is an honor to Lewis Carroll story Alice In Wonderland. Tim Burton made a wonderful movie and an actor Johnny Depp made amazing part as Mad Hatter.
But who was Alice?
Tim Burton made sequel for Alice. Max and the Ducks brings also sequel for their successful Alice story. This time it´s even harder and take a look to original story as well as Tim Burton´s new movie. Bitch Alice Is Back.

Max and the Ducks combines disco/rock and pop music.
Colors of life with Rock Peace and Love.

Max and the Ducks has a Radio Show in Spain every, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday at Radio Finlandia Costa del Sol 102,6. They play a lot of Indie and Underground music from all over the world. Max and the Ducks Show is also broadcasted at Estonian Radio station SSS-Radio evey Saturday and Sunday.

This Bond Is Tight
This is song about bonds of love. Love is close friend with hate...

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Who The Fuck Is Alice
Song is dedicated to Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Lewis Carroll story. Alice in wonderland. Most people knows those persons, but who was Alice?

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Fields Of Karelia
This is dedicated those who lost their lives for freedom.

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Everything Has Its Time
The song is based on Don Quijote from the classic Spanish literature - The Ingenious Nobleman Sir Quixote of La Mancha. Everyone has their own windmills on their shoulders. Everyone needs their own Sancho Panza. The song is very personal to all band members. Divorces, changes in work, financial issues, emigration, dreams, love and loneliness are all the themes the song. Members of Max and the Ducks Marcos Kuusja¨rvi, Veli Eronen and Erja Siljamo are all Finns, but spend a lot of time on the Cos

Alternaitve Pop Rock
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Max and the Ducks just recorded 8 new songs. On September they shoot two new videos in Spain. New material will be released on October 2016.

Brand new videos will made in Spain. Director of the videos is Ms Jaana Monto. She has made three previous videos also for Max and the Ducks.
Summer Breeze, This Bond Is Tight and Don´t Tell Mama.
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