Born in the city of Rock n Roll (Cleveland) David (Dave) Tolliver was destined for music success. Son of a Gospel singer, nephew of a nationally celebrated radio announcer and gold selling BMI award winning writer, and Grandson of a man who once sang for President Roosevelt what else was he to do. His future was preset like a wedding between two royal families. Starting at age 4 he began singing in the church and eventually directed the children's choir. By the age of 15 Dave was summoned to become a part-time radio announcer under his Uncle Lynn Tolliver. This brought instant success to a teenager in his junior year of high school. For 16 years he would successfully lock down the #1 spots of any time slot he held. During his radio tenure Dave also spent a stint in the Virgin Islands as co-host of the Big Fat Morning Show. During those radio days he would go on to interview some of music's biggest stars from Martin Lawrence to L.L. Cool J and many more. The world of the music for Dave started with a bang as the late great Gerald Levert handpicked Dave and Jason Champion for Men At Large whom later would contribute to music history and topping charts and selling millions of albums. Men At Large are the last of a dying breed! In 1992 Men At Large shocked the world with its self titled debut on the Atlantic Records label. Their first single ""Use Me"" became an instant radio hit inspiring B.E.T, to use it for a station jingle. They would go on to release 4 more singles from the cd. ""You Me"", ""Umm Umm Good"", ""Would You Like to Dance"", and the RnB Classic ""So Alone"" which made Billboard Hot 100 list and was radio's #1 song of the year in 1993. Traveling the world with its other 90's cohorts (Rude Boys, Shai, Silk, H-Town, Levert II, Next, etc) they would leave each city with the reputation of being ""Show Stoppers!""........And it didn't stop there in 1994 they released ""One Size Fits All"" gaining less success as the first but still garnering critical acclaim. Releasing 2 singles ""Let's Talk About It"" and ""Holiday"" top 10 and 20 respectively they continued to shock the world town by town. Being bred by Eddie and Gerald Levert gave these 2 an obvious advantage. As time moved on the duo would sever ties with the Levert camp only to find the next chapter in their career...


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