jewel tone

Headphones On
the first track from "TIM/TIN - EP" which is basically a hyper experimental pop extended play to tease my upcoming third full length album.

Experimental Pop
h h

Lucid Dream
Lucid Dream is the opening track off of my second full length, Paradigm.

Ambient Trip-hop
h h


Trip Hop
h h

Common Ground *****IMP EXLUSIVE****
Common Ground is a new track on my upcoming album. I thought I would premiere it here first!

New wave
h h

Throw Em Up

h h

Common Ground

Alternative Pop
h h


Ambient Pop
h h


Electronic Pop
h h

Know U Better

New wave
h h

Rather Be Sleeping

h h

Out of My Hands

R&B Pop Crossover
h h


Indie Pop
h h


Experimental Pop
h h

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