Brandon "B-WISE" Wise was born December 19, 1983 in the Blue Ridge mountains of Asheville, North Carolina. Brandon began singing and rapping at 12 years old. In high school, he started out in a R&B group called Physique with four of his male friends. They aspired for fame and fortune, but as time went on, they went their separate ways. At age 15, B-Wise was featured as a singer with the young rap group The Souf Boys, collaborating on one of their songs called "Keep it real."
As his teenage years went on, B-Wise began selling drugs and listening to gangster hip hop music, which glamorized an illegal lifestyle. He was intrigued by the fast money, but was never really satisfied inside. Then a miracle occurred and the LORD came into his life. He experienced a deep spiritual change and no longer wanted to create music about gang-banging, materialism, and explicit subjects. In September of 2001, at the age of 17, Brandon "B-Wise" Wise decided to accept Christ into his heart and underwent a major mental and spiritual transformation.
B-Wise says: “One night, I was at a youth service at my church in Asheville, sitting in the back row free-styling with some friends. I could not free-style very well at the time, so I decided to write a verse. I read it aloud to the youth group and everyone was amazed at what I had written. Then the teacher said that I should start writing rap songs for the Lord. And I told her that I didn't know if that's what God wanted me to do. And she said, 'Brandon, the Devil doesn't want you to do anything that will glorify God. If it is in your heart to write music for God, then go with your passion.' So after that, I started writing rap songs for the Lord and my spiritual life began to grow. I became a better person as I applied the teachings from the Bible into my every day life."

Trinity (Remix) [feat. Canton Jones]

Christian Rap
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Asheville North Carolina United States
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