Caroll and Brenda Farley are a husband and wife duo who sing Gospel songs to tell about the love of Jesus. John 3:16 The Holy Bible

Brenda has been writing Gospel songs since 1978, and is licenced with BMI.
Caroll playes guitar and harmonica and sings with his wife on the songs.

The Gift
A Gospel song written by Brenda Farley as God gave it to her. licenced with BMI to Brenda Rose Farley.

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We Are Carved In The palm Of gods Hand
A song about how we are Carved in the palm of Gods Hand.

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I Know God Can Do It Again
a song about miracles

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Caroll and Brenda Farley

4/26/2017 4:54:43 PM
if you would like ti have a CD with our gospel songs on it please write to us at:
Caroll and Brenda Farley
240 Church Street
Woodland ME 04736-5374



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Woodland ME USA
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Caroll and Brenda Farley are sending thier Gospel songs to radio stations and asking for Radio airplay.

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Caroll and Brenda Farley