Craig Johnstone (formerly of This-z-This and Sledge Nicely & the Panty Bandits) is a Canadian Christ-seeking, truck driving photographer/ artist/air-sculptor/time decorator/husband/Earth-dweller and overcomer, currently living in Red Deer, Alberta.
Craig Johnstone makes simple observations and twists them around into amazingly left of center songs. Craig is the freshest, most genuine, most original, most exciting, most intelligent voice to emerge in pop since…I can’t even remember when! He is an extraordinarily compelling mix of influences from the 1960s, 1990s and the 2000’s.
Johnstone sets his wonderfully quirky stories to a blend of indie and garage folk-rock, infused with a plethora of theatrical elements in between. This record is like one of those rare occasions where somebody is rambling on to you about what seems like the most specific situations, and you find yourself nodding along the whole way through- because the same bizarre things happen to you, or because they don’t!
That’s what Johnstone is. He isn’t somebody to be analyzed or dissected because you’ll never work him out anyway. He’s someone to be listened to and understood. Period. His whimsical storytelling only becomes more compelling with the peculiar instrumentals and the off-the-wall sound production.
Johnstone’s voice maps a direct line to the listener’s soul and often lifts even the schmaltziest sounds above cliché. This album heralds in a recording of sonic experimentalism and simply stunning storytelling. “We Humans” is strikingly original; you will never, ever hear anything that sounds like it.
Ok, but to really get to know about Craig Johnstone... simply have a listen!

Put Down the Gun, Jake
A beer drinking bar fight kind of feel.

Punk Rock
h h

Key of D

Alternative Indie
h h

Strange and quirky, with Dr. Seuss-ish lyrics and a a raw, childish sound, musically.

Pop Punk
h h

The Bullshit Song

h h

Folsom Prison Rampage
A blistering Johnny Cash cover

h h

We Humans

indie alternative
h h

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Craig Johnstone