TRAVY TRAV is an R&B singer with a soulful swagger and a magical voice. He remembers earlier days when he and his sister would be singing R&B songs they made up while his brother freestyle-rapped behind them. He started singing when he was just 5, first singing in his church choir. Now 23, he has already developed an impressive songwriting talent and a natural smooth charisma that is generating success for the aspiring independent artist.
Born and raised in Tallahassee, Travy has sung at "America's Got Anointed" in Tallahassee, and he won the Tallahassee Nights competition. He also auditioned for the televised series, The Voice, in Atlanta, advancing all the way to the 3rd round. He also advanced to the 3rd round of Sunday's Best, the Atlanta-based BET TV series.
He is a truly God-given talent. Growing up, his parents always had music playing in the house. His grandmother gently pushed him into the church choir, and gospel was his earliest and most profound musical influence. The likes of Usher and August Alsina were major later influences, but the song writing and singing style he developed are uniquely all his own. Gifted and versatile, with a wide range of styles, Travy can sing a cappella as dazzling to listen to as with a full musical accompaniment. His songs are love ballads and other stirring odes to life's situations and challenges – soul-stirring R&B songs like "You Can Be", "Make Love" and "Never Again" – recorded in the studio with producer Tony Holton and "Sunday Afternoon" - recorded in the studio with producer Rondez Barkley, a.k.a. Mr. Again.
His stage name Travy Trav is from a nickname he's had all his life, based on his given name Travis. His upcoming songs, including the ballad "Alrite," will soon be available on all the digital networks, welcoming more of the R&B world to the artistry of Travy Trav, as he continues to touch people's souls through his music.

Alrite (feat. B-WELL)

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