a postpunk-infused electro rock duet, featuring Jimmy Kaput & Ivana Kaput

The New Regime


New Wave
h h

Like A Magnet



h h

Ain't Whistling Dixie

Trip Hop
h h

TDKTS Prelude

h h

The Das Kaput Theme Song

h h

you know those subtweets harsh my mellow

Alternative Chill
h h

Rubin & Ed
you need to bring a friend to get into my seminar

h h

Gold in the Box
wanna get juice in my sluice

h h

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Irma Sharpe

3/24/2020 4:06:24 AM
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Wet Dentist Hey! I can't believe The Das Kaput is finally here! Hopefully all my fans here become your fans (because we are the same people) LOL
One Noun Wow. It's The Das Kaput! no way! I can't wait for your new EP coming out soon! it's gonna be so hot
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Msg  Go!

Just added our newest music video "Like A Magnet" to our page!

Brand new 5-song EP ""Puts It All Out There"" out NOW. Free downloads, as The Das Kaput is down with the Creative Commons.
3/24/2020 8:06:29 AM
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The Das Kaput