The Prince of Fairfield combines reggae, rock, folk, jazz, and more to create a unique and vibrant sound.

Rally Up

Roots Rock
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No Fussin
No Fussin No Fighting

Roots Rock
h h

One Beat
Instrumental Jam

Reggae Rock
h h

What Do You Point To?
A danceable Reggae Tune with a message

Reggae Rock
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Rhythms and Chord melody influenced by music of The Congo.

Jazz Fusion
h h

Jazzy, textural, Laid back.

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Build it Up (Live)
Build up the resistance

Acoustic Singer-Songwriter
h h

The sweetness of childhood gives way to more serious notes.

Folk Jazz
h h

Major Nein
Chill beats and smooth Flugelhorn.

h h

What it Need
A reggae tinged tune about LOVE. Inspired by the tight harmonies of bands of the 60's and 70's.

World Rock
h h

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The Prince of Fairfield