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SW LaFollett is an Americana Texas/RedDirt recording artist for King Daddy Records. A songwriter, guitar puncher, cowboy/poet based out of Austin, Texas, SWL spends his time writing, playing and researching the music he loves. His songs magically come courtesy of his great imagination and his own personal experiences. Early on in his life he led an itinerant musical existence that consisted of playing music at clubs and parties, hitchhiking coast to coast (traveling light), sleeping on couches and sometimes under the stars. His love of the cowboy-gypsy life led him down the roads once traveled by his own musical heroes. The same roads graced by the songwriters SW looked up to as standard bearers for the music he loved. Experience put to song.

SW has recorded four albums to date, all on the King Daddy Records label. They are as follows: ''SW LaFollett'', ''King Daddy's Travelin' Circus'', ''Muleshoe'', ''The Son Of The Golden West'', and ''Sunshine''. You can also add a fifth, the 2CD, 17 song compilation ‘’The Best I Have’’ to the list. Each record is a compliment to the writing style of SWL, giving the listener an honest reading from some very well written songs. Songs framed with the Texas kind of sound everybody seems to love.

With a variety of influences stemming from the likes of Hank Williams, Fred Neil, and Jerry Jeff Walker, as well as many others, SWL’s music can best be described simply as ''SW LaFollett Music''. He definitely has his own sound. Every song he records is culled from an extremely deep well of original material he has written. Each song SW has recorded during his career has been his own compositions except for ''Wish You Weren't Here'' and ''Sinkin' Boat'', which were both written by the late Kevin Staedeli (a.k.a. Blackie Carter, lead guitarist for SW’s King Daddy's Travelin' Circus’ Band) and the song ''Call Me'' which was co-written with Miss Jeannette Jones. SW LaFollett’s music evokes sounds of the 1970's era Progressive Country music movement out of Texas and hints of ZZ TOP, The Marshall Tucker Band, and Elvin Bishop tinged Southern Rock & Blues. There’s also a big tip o' the hat to today's ever growing Americana/Red Dirt genre that permeates his sound. The Texas singer/songwriter tag can’t be ignored either.

Songwriting is an individual and creative craft and SW LaFollett definitely stands out. He has quietly carved his own unique niche of ‘Cool Country Western’ music. SWL certainly does have that cool country western appeal in both style and substance. While his sound is his, you will swear you’ve heard him before. Put an SW LaFollett CD in the player of your car or truck and it’ll likely stay there. Great road music.

On songwriting SW says, ''I like to write for folks in a way everybody can relate to… ‘Every song I've ever written has its own separate story, separate from the actual song you wind up hearin' on the record, you know’… ‘So what I want is for the listener to be able to incorporate their own story, their own life, or maybe even just a moment they’ve had into my songs’… ‘How often do you hear the phrase, 'That's my song or that's our song?’… ‘That's what I dig and what I want to be able to do, give you a song you can hold onto as your song… forever… that’s cool, huh?''

An artist and a cowboy in the truest sense, SW LaFollett’s art is his music and his music is not only a treasure, but a timeless gift for us all to discover and love as well.

An early morning cup of coffee kind of song.

Acoustic Folk/Americana
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SW LaFollett's new release ''Sunshine''is an 11 song masterpiece showcasing his songwriting skills. ''Sunshine'' is an early morning cup of coffee kind of album.
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