I've been in lots of talent shows, open mic and completion, I have been writing since age 12 and singing since age 5, I want to sing to sold out shows, tour the world and change lives through music, I currently have an Album out ""Lets Begin"" and I'm currently working on my second Album ""Black and White""
Lets Change the world, one song at a time.

Tired of them taking what's yours? its time you get it all back........

h h

Laugh and Cry
You thought they would always be there, but when you needed them, they fell short!

h h

Belinda's Cry
This song is about my mom and how she was treated in past relationships.

h h

Whats It Gonna Be Ft. Arie
You and I are supposed to be together, but something keeps us apart, I need to know, please tell me please what it is?

h h

We Need Love
What the World Needs!

h h

Dangerous Game
Love them, Lose them, Cherish the memories.

h h

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""Lets Begin""

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