Ashes for Dreams is the new band project of Johan Alm and Karen O’Mahony, formed to cement their musical partnership after a successful and invigorating year of collaboration which started with the release of Lie with Me in May, 2016.

Both coming from completely different cultures and musical backgrounds - incorporating between them classical, traditional, folk and rock - they had each previously produced solo work vastly different to the other’s. Their first collaboration, the brainchild of Johan and an eyeopener to both band members and their followers, was the first of an EP-worth of songs produced in their first year of collaboration.

Johan’s style is heavy rock with a unique and gritty vocal style and guitar work admired and envied by many. Karen’s natural home is more folk, which to their surprise works beautifully in a heavy rock setting. Together, they are a magical combination, particularly when they duet - their distinctive voices blending as if made for each other! Johan gives Karen more edge, Karen keeps Johan’s Rock God under control...

It shouldn’t work, but it does...


Folk Rock
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