The core Heavy AmericA sound finds its influence in a diverse blend of rock idioms, from the expertly performed progressive rock circles to the edgy and incisive sounds of alternate rock rebellion. Blend in a pinch of stoner rock, and the listener has transcended the run of the mill, stagnant musical forms that occupy a good deal of the digital music we hear today. Yet, Heavy AmericA manages to defy the conveniences of category, presenting an arsenal of sounds and moods while unlocking a natural ability to employ a fiery insurgency across the seemingly endless styles the band works within.
“The performances of Mike, Dan and Budd are inspired and sincere, there’s a real timeless quality to the music here. They take all of the proper elements of good hard rock and slap you in the face with them. That’s good; I can get behind that.” Jamsphere

Bleed Mary
“Bleed Mary” toys with softer electric guitar textures colliding into subtle pocket rhythms. The entire band blends in with back-up vocals to fill in Mike’s lead while musical bombast always lurks on the horizon.

Melodic Hard Rock
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Sweet Kisses
Heavy America’s bluesy influence is at the forefront of “Sweet Kisses’. Vintage wah pedal, squeals and slinky old school boogie lay the foundation for this catchy psych-prog-rock jam.

Melodic Rock
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Heavy Eyes
“Heavy Eyes” is a showcase for the band’s careful hand at threading together songs that rock sweetly and swim with high-powered vocals.

Melodic Rock
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Pray For Me
“Pray For Me” is a riff crazy rock and roll track, full of the energy and references to a time in music history that this band understands well. If you like straight forward hard rock with great guitar riffs, super vocals and a tight rhythm section, then you are in for a treat here.

Heavy Melodic Hard Rock
h h

Proud Shame
A dark and moody rock core, built of slow burning meandering builds and incendiary dynamic shifts. It is then shot through with sleazy Doorsian menace and drifting desert blues, a slightly retro psych-rock touch and some Sabbath-esque drama. Throw in a bit of musical swagger and garage rock rawness and you have the perfect musical storm. And all that in under 4 minutes!

Melodic Hard Rock
h h

Up For Air
“The simplicity of the song really felt reminiscent of older music. I might compare them to more recent bands like Queens of the Stone Age or The Strokes, but there were times when I felt like they had a lot of classic rock inspiration as well.” – Matt Kaiser (Indiemunity).

Acid/Heavy Rock
h h

Full Load Amps
F.L.A. is searing with atmospheric, earthy jam benefiting from a weighty guitar presence, gritty melodic vocals and a rust-belt rhythm section full of push/pull dynamics.

Heavy Rock
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Since playing SXSW 2017, Heavy AmericA has been on the move with their new album titled 'Now'. After the album's successful debut at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, 'Now' has been enjoying the accolades of the press, acquiring sync licenses and has been added to hundreds of college, FM and online radio stations worldwide including all major streaming services and online retailers.
The album's first single ""Pray For Me"" has gone on to earn over 475,000 youtube views, has charted and even won an award for ""Best Rock Song"".
Heavy AmericA will be traveling the east coast of the US thru the summer and fall of 2017 supporting the 'Now' album and promoting the album's second single, ""Proud Shame"". Watch for the single's video debut on youtube in August of 2017.
If you're a fan of hard rock done right and believe rock is not dead, then Heavy AmericA is the band for you. Visit them at and become a fan today.
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