Solid Method is an original rock orientated solo-project with headquarters in Sweden, which with it's backup band makes it appear as a trio live. Solid Method is orchestrated by a mysterious and philosophical individual by the name of Gillis Mejlycke which is the creative force that writes all of the compositions and uses Solid Method as his main personal outlet for his outbursts of creativity.

The music can in short be described as focused in the territory of the rock genre but evolves into alternative, punk/rock, garage rock, indie pop ballads, as well as some psychedelic sounds.

We're talking about heavy volcano drumming, overpowering drone bass line loops, together with an adrenaline rush fueled chainsaw guitar, creating melodies combined with a glaze of paradise like vocal harmonies & arrangements, with lyrics deeper than the deepest sea.

Now Solid Method is out with the debut E.P entitled 'Blend In'!

The E.P contains an amount of 5 unforgettable classics that will instantly get stuck in your mind from the moment you press the play button! From heavy but catchy alternative garage rock tunes like the masterpiece 'Flowing', to the personal melancholic & poetic 'Entangled', as well as indie pop hit like 'Don't You Know'! So there is definitely something for everyone to dig on this carefully crafted record debut!

But anyway... words can only say so much so let's just let the music speak for itself... turn up your volume amount with a colossal boost and momentarily you will experience the magic of rock n roll pumping right through your bloodstream! So get ready... cause you're in for the most Far Out trip that you'll ever taken! This masterpiece is going to give you 20 minutes & 44 seconds of pure bliss! And if you want more afterwards... just press the replay button!! Far Out! 😎✌️

• Buy the individual song Flowing or the complete E.P "Blend In" from Amazon, Google Play, Apple Music, or Solid Method´s official website.
Google Play:

• Official website:

• You also of course stream the full debut E.P on Spotify: Also available on streaming services like Deezer, Tidal, Napster, and SoundCloud!

• Follow Solid Method on Social Media:


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