Well-crafted pop songs are deceptive simplicity at is best. The melodies, so accessible and infectious, spill out so easily. When Corinne McKnight is the one to write and perform these songs, it’s easy to forget how much raw talent and hard work go into them. It’s also easy just to sit back and listen, and her new single, Reckless (released on August 31st, 2017 on Over the Well) is perfect for just that.

Though McKnight is only 20, this is her 4th release. She has 3 full length, original albums (Surprised Me, Take My Hand, and Behind Each Kiss) and this is the first song she's officially released in 2 years. She’s been performing for a decade already, opening for Vince Gill a few summers ago at the Andy North and Friends Event. Local Sounds Magazine praised her 2014 release, Take My Hand, calling the songs “exquisitely catchy” and “downright lovable.” “It’s quick to see that the girl means business,” writes Rick Tvedt.

Previously living in Madison, WI, McKnight now resides in Nashville, TN. She attends Belmont University and she is in the Songwriting Program at the school. She is also a proud member of SESAC. McKnight spends most of her time co-writing and playing in writers rounds all over Nashville. Check out her latest single and watch for her performances around Nashville!

Reckless is a song about a girl who wishes she could be more carefree.


Country Pop
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Check out Corinne's single, Reckless, available EVERYWHERE!
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