Before meeting David Isenberg, Starr Belle had been performing Country music and writing her own heartfelt songs since the age of 12 years old. She has put together and released one home-made album, and three full-length country music albums at professional studios. One of her more popular songs, ""Streets of Nashville"", has been played on radio all across the state and granted her plenty of opportunities to be a special guest on radio shows. Learned in the musical arts from attending Nashville School of the Arts throughout high school, Starr also has a bachelor's degree of Photography from Nossi College of Art. Starr is well known in the Nashville Songwriter's community having been born and raised in the circuit. One meeting with Starr, and you'll see how her pure heart and selfless love leave a lasting impression on anyone she meets.
David Isenberg was another story. Raised on the rough side of life, David came to the guitar with a mind full of questions, and a heart longing for sweet relief...and that's exactly what he found! Revolutionized and called David had found his purpose in the basin of a wood-body six string and the holler of a freeing tune. Jesus in his heart, guitar in hand, David set out across the lands of Tennessee and Kentucky searching for the gems of artistry in the coal mines of introspection. Anywhere he has performed, he has made his presence known with resounding songs of redemption, hope, destiny, and freedom.
In the Fall of 2015 these two hearts crossed paths, and were forever bonded by the ties of friendship, music, and true love. Happily married since the Spring of 2017, Bellsenburg has the joyous privilege and responsibility of going wherever their music takes them. Their goal is to deliver their contemporary Gospel message and to enlighten the hearts of their company by displaying the love of their art, their Lord, and their purpose together. Graciously and together, Bellsenburg is sure to arouse the hearts of many at any type of gathering - whether it be a festival, a dive bar, or on a street corner. Bellsenburg makes ""new music, the old way."" - December 2017

Garden of Eden
12/5/18: Just a song I wrote and recorded on my phone 12/3/18. I found the melody about a week before that, (the guitar rhythm and the chorus), but the lyrical verse and direction took shape on the date listed above. Looking forward to recording some more here soon. Thanks to my sweet wife Starr for coming behind me to put sweet harmonies on the chorus and then posting this everywhere! :P

Folk Acoustic Rock
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New original song written by David Isenberg of Bellsenburg "Garden of Eden" 12/5/18.
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