The Delivery System is an independent recording artist from the UK.
The music might be regarded as 'indie' or 'alternative', but has many and varied influences.
One of the main inspirations for the Delivery System's music comes from the late 70s-early 80s UK post-punk scene, featuring bands such as Magazine, Joy Division, Gang of Four. PIL, XTC etc. That was a period of great innovation and experimentation, when bands were not afraid to deviate from conventional recording processes out of fear that it wouldn't be commercial.
In many ways this kind of attitude is like a lost art, that is extinct within the modern music business. The Delivery System not share these concerns. Music is created for the sheer joy of it.. or simply because there is something that needs to be said.
When was the last time you heard a chart song that actually had something of relevance to say?

Would You Like a Potato?
What happens when something of extremely low value is sold to you by a smooth-talking snake oil salesman?

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Currently finalising work on the new anti-Brexit 4-track ep entitled 'Exit Strategy ep'.
The Delivery System album 'If Only We Were Deaf' is now available. Please email me for details.
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The Delivery System