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“Stephen Thomas is the 21st century’s version of John Lennon, and most probably one of our generations’ greatest urban writers to emerge”
Preach of The Ville

Stephen Thomas

Born July 8th 1972 to Trinidadian parents who immigrated to eastern Canada In the late 60’s, it was easily noticeable from early on that this young man would grow to be a gifted individual. Excelling at everything he put his mind to Stephen became an All-Canadian basketball star on the high school and university levels, playing for Sun Youth , Vanier College and Concordia University , eventually leading to a scholarship from Lewis State College where he held the position of point guard.

Stephen eventually moved back to Montreal in 1998, and commenced writing “The Dawning Sunset” a beautiful display of poetry and a strong testament to his personal growth and the journey he embarked on into manhood. This was also the time that a good friend of his by the name of Fate of At Random, a hip hop crew who is noted for coining the phrase Mount-Real and tore up eastern Canadian stages in the mid nineties, had introduced Stephen to his 1st stage performance, where he admittedly says that “man I didn’t know how to hold a mic right, or speak properly into the mic”. So he considers his debut at coco café during the same year as his 1st coming where he says “Man they lost their minds, screaming and applauding and by the second showing I received a standing ovation”.

But it was the bond that Stephen would form with his long time friend Jahsun to join The Kalmunity Vibes Collective in 2003 that would prove the most beneficial for the young poet. Spring of that same year he hooked up with some young artists from his native hood of Lasalle dubbed The Ville and began recording over digitally made beats and getting his 1st real feel for studio production, then guest appearing at Club Soda for a Northern Lights/ The Ville showcase. Stephen began frequenting Kalmunity Tuesdays held at Sablo Café, and honing in on his true lyrical and vocal skills as a performing poet to become a true fixture in the revitalized spoken word community of Montreal.

Later on that year Stephen came up with the concept for The Soapbox, which is performance poetry theatre created to showcase Stephen’s favorite and most respected colleges from the spoken word, lyricists and musician camps in Montreal and can be caught once a month at various venues in Montreal. He then created the Stephen Thomas Group a publishing/promotional/management company to help promote his own projects and that of his closest friends. Stephen has also been hard at work creating with and for various different events and people Like composing the Nevik Fashion theme song for their launching, engineering and overseeing the success of the New Rhythms New Media Artist Exchange between Montreal, Halifax and Toronto.

Stephen has taken the stage at such venues like The National Arts Centre Centre with Dwayne Morgan, Oni the Haitian Sensation, Jason “Black Bird” Selman, John Akpata and Inner City out of Oakland, Ca. 2005’s installment of Voix d’ameriques, the Hot & Saucy and the Irie Music Festival in Toronto with Lillian Allen. Performed with Ethnic Heritage Ensemble out of Chicago, and graced events with the likes of locals DJ Andy Williams, Scott C, Kaie Kellough, Kali of Kali & Dub, Nahyelah, Alexis O’haraand Barbadian Sha/ron Brooks with whom he wrote a lovely soulful ballad entitled Comfortable for her upcoming LP release.

Stephen has also graced the cover of the Montreal Mirrors Noisemakers issue for 2005 and 2004’s Best Of… (Voted 5th overall). Has been hard at work in the studio with DNA productions and All Good Music producing his upcoming EP “Reflections of Rebirth” that he proudly labels Spoken Music and has collaborated with the likes of SoulShak Music, Preach of The Ville, Sha/Ron Brooks, Lady Ra’faelle and DJ Quantic one of the UK’s leading underground producers.

Stephen is also the proud father of two and caregiver for six mentally challenged patients whom live with him and tremendously help his personal growth on a daily basis. Stephen is a Spiritualist who calls on the aid of all the positive energies around him to create such dynamic work, laced with supremely truthful messages.

Stephen is a Father, a Son, a Brother, a Cousin, a Mentor and a Friend and he will be hailed as one of the greatest installments to our urban arts culture of this generation.

Mat Slater

Blue Tears

I cried blue tears
Over the last of my few fears
Now imagine
I’m meeting you here

And I know it’s a new year
Cuz yo! Ill climb 222 stairs
Just for truth to stare
Me in the face

So whenever you see me in the place
Know I never have a minute to waste
Cuz ever since I been in it the pace
Has been set by me

And I ain't trying
To give up my lead
That’s why when I’m rhyming
I kick up my feet
And pick up my speed

And although I can’t out run my shadow
I now know that the battle
Is to expose it to the light
So with that I got Jahsun in sight

And were running right
And we just might evade the oncoming fight
But if not... such is life

In all its glory
We walk the knife
One day they may tell our story

About how no one spoke
Spoken music before me
About how he took hope
And used it to make more free

Like morphine
We make more dreams
With eyes wide shut
You hide but

Can’t hide enough
You try but...
The trial will just

Cuz that’s what’s up
And you keep asking what
Or how or who
Or maybe that’s just you
Or where or when
Or maybe that’s just them or they
Or maybe that’s just me...

Stephen Thomas



The Ville

S.h.a/r.(o).n Brooks

A.k.a Soulo

Puff Of Smoke

Hip Hop/Rap
h h

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Stephen Thomas