Members: Rob Vermeulen, Tom Carter, Bruce Carrick, Mike Michalkow

Symphony in DeMeanor's debut CD "The First One" received the 2005 "Best Album" Award from the International On-Line Music Awards. Over 15,000 ballots were cast! Members of SiD were honoured to receive this award, and are shown here, holding their IOMA certificates.

From left to right: Bruce, Rob, Tom, Mike

"Symphony in DeMeanor, are without doubt, one of the best and most musically accomplished bands EVER to have come out of Canada.. correction... North America! Their debut CD 'Symphony in DeMeanor' contains only six tracks, which is a crime, but those six tracks are among the best written, composed, performed, and produced tracks that I have ever heard in my life! And, like a lot of artists who produce brilliant music, they don't appear to realize quite what they have done! Their music is very Beatles, very ELO, very Queen, and very very Symphony in DeMeanor... George Martin would be walking on air had he produced this album..." Colin Lynch, On-Line Music Magazine

For more information on the band, including interview links, video clips, free MP3 downloads, CD sales info, and more, please visit their official website at

Say Good-Bye
"..there are hints of Santana/Lennon/ELO-esques here and there but the essential truth is that it's another SID classic that takes you back to a time when radios all over the world, complete with a PP3 battery, poured excellence out of their little 3 inch speakers in the back kitchen's of the informed! Prepare yourselves for the stunning Hammond organ and Abbey Road medley style guitar bits that embellish the brilliance around the end of the track..." International On-Line Music Magazine

Alternative Pop Rock
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Lonely Fool
"An astonishingly skilled production complete with ELO/McCartney/Lennon/Harrison/Starr/Martin/Emerick contemplations that make the track every bit as exciting as if all seven had been involved in the project. The songwriting is expert and masterful and the overall production is the stuff of dreams... watch what happens to your widening senses at the piano flicks and orchestrations..." International On-Line Music Magazine

Alternative Pop Rock
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The band is currently recording their follow-up CD release "The Second One", which should be released in Spring 2006.

A band photo we took at the Langley Music Connection

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