Shogun Day is a five piece rock n roll band that defies convention. The sound is fresh, the playing exciting, the dynamics...more than there and the songs...are simply killer. All these cool ingredients combine to make a fresh sounding, high energy rock n roll band to really watch out for. Hailing from Karlstad in Sweden outside of Stockholm the band come together from various back grounds that create a pro unit that has all the necessary pieces to take the music scene by storm and go all the way. Watch out for the debut album, Shogun Day Vol1 which will be recorded in Stockholm in the next few months. The first single will be a double A sided release with the two smash songs, If You Dare and There's You, available soon and easy to find right here and on My Space so check it out. The entire theme around this dynamic new European outfit is all oriental and everything from the artwork to the bands stage set up and image is all style around the timeless vibe of the ancient Shogun warrior and the time they once obviously ruled. ""Music is the most important creative outlet which we possess. Music is what truly reflects and defines who we are as a band and our given moods, our hopes, our desires, and even our fears. That's why we always use the joy of music to define who exactly we are as a group”. Shogun Day are: Eric Ekman: Vocals and Guitar, Robin Larson-asp: Lead guitar and Vox, Asa Karlsson: Guitars and Vox, Johan Älverstad: Drums, Roger Lind: Bass

Here I Am
Another major power ballad with an epic sound and a big production.

Indie rock
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Shogun Day are set to release a (6) Track Maxi single entitled, If You Dare to coincide with their first US tour with Black Sea Records in the US in early 2006. Stay tuned for further developments as the band are in the studio recording the tracks at the moment......
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Shogun Day