Originally formed in 1995 by sole songwriter, vocalist, and core studio musician/producer Joshua Heinrich, fornever's genre-bending, ever-evolving-yet-uniquely-identifiable sound is the product of relentless reinvention. From the moody, stark, 17 Seconds-meets-Pornography-era Cure-esque vibe of 1999's Pale to the acclaimed diverse alt rock of 2005's ghosthouse and the indie rock/shoegazer/dream pop/electro hybrid of the band's upcoming, as-yet-untitled, eleventh album, fornever's sound is a blend of innate pop sensibilities, sonic experimentation, and a penchant for melancholia. Combined with intelligent lyrics, running the gamut from introspection to witty social/political sarcasm, fornever's work has found a home among an ever-growing international fanbase, repeatedly earning critical acclaim as well as literally dozens of high-charting singles on a number of high-profile internet music sites (including numerous stints at the top of mp3.com's coveted genre charts during the site's heyday). Look for fornever's new album in 2006.

ghosthouse (analog club mix)
Catchy electronic remix of the title track from ghosthouse.

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New album slated for summer 2006! Until then, check out fornever's recently released 10th album, ghosthouse, at www.cafepress.com/fornever0 and 2005's ep collection album at www.cafepress.com/fornever1
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