I started playing the keyboard when I was five years old As long as I can remember there was always a keyboard around It seems like when I was a kid I always new that one day a keyboard would on day have the technology to create music as if it was being played by an Orchestra If I had a chance to do it all over again I would of learned how to read music. When I create a I comes from within my heart as long as I feel good about my self I can create I thank the lord for my blessings I know that he is the reason for all things and latly I have been inspired by god to put his word to music so I did the lords prayer with the smooth jazz sound mixed with some Rap and on some of the other sites were I promote my music I got reviews that were better then the reviews I got with out the inspirational words mixed with the Music.

Hot Love
The Smooth sounds of Jazz

Smooth jazz
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Creating The Smooth Sounds Of Jazz
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