Michael is a freelance composer based in London, England. He has a Bachelors in Music from Trinity College of Music, and has just finished working at London Film School.

In 2004 he composed the music for Monica Giltheart and the Mysterious Pencil, a short film by David O'Sullivan which went on to receive the highly coveted Royal Television Society award for Best Undergraduate Nonfactual Short Film 2004.

Michael has studied with Stephen Montague, Andrew Poppy, Simon Lambros, Richard Allain and Andrew Lovett.

Backwards Classicalism
This piece is a sketch for a larger Cello and Electronics piece later on this year. It is however a piece in its own right.

Experimental Classical
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Inverse Circular Galactic Bunny
The sequel to Reverse Oblong Space Donkey. Energetic, and vibrant.

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A bit jazz-like, effects, soundscape. For Mandolin, Cello and Trumpet. Only using natural instruments and effects applied in post. Uses a lot of Fourier Transforms, Doppler effects and the like.

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A Quiet Orchestral Elegy
A calnnish journey to an inner peace, interrupted by a growing sense of further insecurity.

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Michael has finished two new pieces 'Tree Top View' and a cue from 'The Crossing'. He is currently working on a new comedy/horror film.

Michael has finished composing music for 'Siren' which was screened on 28th July at London Film School.

Michael has just uploaded 'Siren' - A work-in-progress draft for a film he's composing the music for.

Update: 8 August 2006,
Michael's piece, a String Quartet, is currently touring the country. More information can be found out by visiting mike-martin.com

'The Quartet & The Purple Tulip' (sometimes known - unpreferrably - as The Spage Adventures of George Boy), Mike's recently finished piece had its first rehearsal the other day and will be performed soon.

On 6 December the Philip Lawrence Awards ceremony, hosted by Sir Trevor MacDonald. Michael composed the music for the third part of the piece, as well as some of the 'walk-on' music.

Performances of a String Quartet, Brass Quintet and Solo Cello & Electronics piece by Michael will be taking place in Greenwich soon, more details will be available nearer the time.

Michael has just finished music for a documentary by WildAid called 'A Roaring Trade'.

The Talent Searcher
Sound Drawings
Easy Does It
The Noise Collector
Classical Planet
Mellow Blue

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