Jake Perrine (aka Spire) is a composer / producer / dj / performance artist currently resding in Seattle, Washington. He performs dj / live laptop sets, as well as incorporating other media such as theatre, dance, voice and video. His first release, :: Inertia ::, is a midtempo sass-tastic mood vaccine for the senses, and is available at cdbaby and itunes.

As well, Jake is a producer, remixer, masting engineer working with talented musicians to raise the bar on musicality, audio quality and sonic design. Remixing acts such as Sir Mix-a-Lot and Orbit Service, producing tracks with new artists, and mastering for several premiere west coast electronic labels, Spire truly is a Jake-of-all-trades at heart.

Sexy midtempo groove about unspoken attraction

Electronic Pop
h h

Only Love
Sexy female vocals over house beats

Electronic Pop
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Drawn (Rocket Mix) (feat. Lola Love)

h h

Lemon Pie

h h

Hot Mess (feat. LA Kendall)
This is the theme song for an amazing monthly club night in Seattle of the same name. It is about fabulously disastrous people!

h h

Always (feat. Lola Love)

Trip Hop
h h

All Because of You (feat. Wynne C. Blue)

Electronic Pop
h h

Lemon Pie (feat. Lola Love)
Sugary sweet. Cherry tart. Candy heart.

h h

Kiss My A*s (feat. LA Kendall)


h h

Always (KB remix) (feat. Lola Love)
A remix of Always by Kevin Bressler. An excellent reinterpretation.

Down Tempo Electronic
h h

Touch (feat. Tana Miller)
A House / Techno Anthem. Have we lost our sense of touch? Have we ever wanted anything this much? The finale song from an electronic space opera entitled "The Device".

h h

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Velourium and Molten have been released! Spire has begun playing his new tunes out at clubs and parties to excellent reception. Have a visit to www.djspire.com for DJ sets, photos, blog, music downloads and performance schedule.

Never one to rest very long, Spire has begun work on his next album, which is proving to be harder and more lyric / song oriented than previous releases. Stay tuned...
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