“This is the 4th solo album from this indie/folk maverick and he’s quickly into his groove here with a kind of Because Of You-era Dexy’s Midnight Runners vibe, toes-a-tapping and accordions, fiddle, cajon, clarinet, soprano sax, guitars and mandolin very much to the fore. It’s a lovely melange of sounds and arranged quite beautifully making for an arresting listening. Bravo.” - The Crack

Tracks have been featured by Tom Robinson on BBC 6Music, and played internationally on a range of stations both FM & online.

A charismatic and engaging solo performer, Simon's shows are peppered with wry anecdotes and dry, self-deprecating humour – he is able to look back on a long and varied career with an ironic appreciation of its highs and lows. Tales of life on the margins of rock and roll, in the underbelly of NYC, and his meetings with an Alien back in the 70s entertain and amuse his audiences.

“Make Us Happy is a spectacular effort, chock full of charm and whimsy, wrapped up in an exotic package full of heavy-duty chops and tones.” Marty Peters, Recording Magazine

“A spine-tingling listen” Maverick Magazine

“You never know what is lurking around That Dangerous Sparkle’s dark corner, but whatever it is will always shock and surprise. Scardanelli is always prepared to take a risk, and we should all hope that it is this experimentation that is the future of British singer/songwriters.” Evan Parker - Base.Ad

“Simon's greatest asset is a fantastic singing voice....his performance on tracks such as They Dance bear comparison to the likes of Scott Walker.” Sound On Sound Magazine

"Inspiring, entertaining, creative, attention grabbing, unforgettable, a true professional musician, songwriter, performer & vocalist. Played our small venue as intimately as it is possible to do, but equally as rewarding in a theatre or arena. Digitally he is amazing, live he is mind blowing." Rob Henry, Real Music Club, Willington, Derbyshire.

“...a beguiling range of powerful sonorities and richly textured vocal styles.” Michael Ward

“If you like intriguing and experimental songwriting, charismatic performing and singing that works in some of the areas explored by the likes of Scott Walker, Vini Reilly, Léo Ferré, Jacques Brel and Georges Brassens, you'll be inspired to discover Simon Scardanelli's work.” The Roomz, Hastings.

Talk About Glory
A day-dreaming loser thinks he'd rather be all sorts of wonderful people....

Acoustic Folk Punk
h h

Make Us Happy
England sold by the pound....indeed they were right.

Acoustic English songwriting
h h

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Steve April

4/18/2017 9:15:52 PM
Hi Simon,

Added "Make Us Happy" to three stations. Hopefully, you will view the commentary there.

Hope also you will come by the Pipeline and/or consider starting a station of your own, community's important here, and would love to have you pipe up, in any way you feel comfortable doing. (make us happy lol)

Rawk on...


Steve April

4/17/2017 2:30:43 PM
Welcome to IAC/IMP...

Love your music.

Fun, and joyous, and you have a rockin' band, w diverse instrumentation. "supple vocal, accordion, sparklin' clarinet-y, in places, and a wild romp, 'oh what a strange world/looks like it's all on tv,' a chronicler, a minstrel jester-poet..." applause station.





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