After nearly a decade as two-thirds of the well-toured pop-punk outfit Dryer, Bob Carlton and Joel Lilley, were no sooner out of one band then at the helm of a new, more expansive project, The Sixfifteens. Taking their cues from the likes of Goo-era Sonic Youth and Pavement, the new project angled towards pop, but with an eye to exploring the sonic periphery of the genre. Early on, the sound was fueled by Joel Lilley’s propulsive rhythms and pulse-racing kick drum, coupled with Carlton’s anxious guitar attack. After releasing their EP Let’s Not Think About It (Fake Chapter Records, 2004), the band recruited angular guitarist Jeff Fox for their debut full-length, Feature, Conference, Transfer (also on Fake Chapter). This latest showcases a greater departure from Bob and Joel’s pop roots. Hooks are interrupted by quick stops and temporarily swallowed by bursts of noise; melodies are masochistically bent and twisted – seemingly beyond repair – before snapping back into shape with the alacrity of a well-swung sonic whip. And fans and critics alike are taking notice of the band’s tortured pop.

Hometown: Saratoga Springs, NY

Booking Agency:
Desk Jet Booking Agency
e: DeskJetBooking@Yahoo.Com

Recording Company:
A&R: Gilligan
Phone: 201.745.2145

Justin at AAM
Phone: 212.924.3005

Matt @ Noreaster Media
Phone: 518.859.0859


"A band to watch"

"Feature, Conference, Transfer sounds like a power poppin` thumbing mix of Modest Mouse, Superchunk combined with Versus and The Wedding Present. What I really like is the biting, angular guitar sound that reminds me of the incredibly obscure Fire In the Kitchen(amazing) and Mission Of Burma and then dressing up all the volume inside shards `n walls of hooky melodies. Certainly not for every one and pure pop fans will repel with their tail between their legs, but fans of driving rhythms, impeccable indie-rock melodies and undeniable bash-and-pop aesthetic will love The Sixfifteens." NOTLAME.COM

"Since emerging in 2002, Saratoga band the Sixfifteens have just gotten stronger and stronger—and have continued to evolve in compelling ways. A large portion of the group’s appeal stems from a blistering live show; leader Bob Carlton (formerly of Dryer) plays every set like it’s his last, his stage presence and energy hovering somewhere between Frank Black and Jack Black. The ’fifteens—which also consist of Carlton’s former Dryer colleague Joel Lilley, along with Jeff Fox and Matt Bombard—have moved long strides beyond their original punk/power pop intentions, adopting complex, contrapuntal guitar lines, tightly frenetic rhythms and melodic noise. Their recent EP, Let’s Not Think About It, was a strong debut, but we can’t wait to see what they cook up in September, when they head into the studio for their first full-length." ALL MUSIC GUIDE

"They've come down from upstate New York to entertain you with their patented indie-rock sound that calls to mind bands like R.E.M., Pavement, The Wedding Present, and Modest Mouse. Not the usual IPO (International Pop Overthrow) fare, but they're so good at crafting angular melodies that their offer to play was one we couldn't refuse!"
David Bash (Founder and CEO of the International Pop Overthrow)

"I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with this bands debut CD. It's only 7 songs, but there's a lot of range here. The opening track Dusk and Dawn, which happens to be my favorite track, leans heavily towards bands like Modest Mouse, Pavement and early R.E.M. Jeff Fox's guitar playing is absolutely brilliant on this track while Bob Carlton's lyrics are deep and poetic (SOMEHOW I LOST TRACK OF YOU/ FOUND YOU STARING AT THE SUN/ TODAY YOU SHOWED ME EVERYTHING/ DUSK AND DAWN TO ME ARE THE SAME). The next two tracks, Tell All Your Lies and Since Yesterday have more of a power pop punch that have a Fountains of Wayne influence. The closing track Auto-Stop will please fans of bands like Thursday and Piebald. Matt Bombard and Joel Lilley produce a thundering back beat that sounds like a stampede of elephants when you push the volume on your stereo system. I would have given this CD 5 stars but I've seen the band live and know that they can do much better. But still, this is a great debut and you should pick it up now so you can brag that you were into the band before they got famous"

"The Sixfifteens offer sinister guitar licks and harrowing cycles of rhythmic intensity in a porridge of punk angst and catchy pop waves, reminiscent of bands like Wedding Present and Mission of Burma""
Thom Domopoulos (SARATOGIAN)

"NYC's newest potential indie rock darlings aren't from NYC, they are from Upstate New York"


Transmission Is Static Free
Label: Fake Chapter Records (

indie alternative
h h

Label: Fake Chapter Records (

indie alternative
h h

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