In 2002 Matt began playing his songs in coffee shops and bookstores around State College, Pennsylvania. In 2007, his debut album premiered on the Billboard Top 40 at number seven, and has yet to move from that position. All twelve songs from the album held all Top 10 singles slots for nineteen weeks. His second album, ""Let's Give All Our Money Away"" went platinum in 57 minutes. Two years later, world hunger ended, and in five years every military force in the world had been dissolved due to boredom. Most of the soldiers got jobs as Peace Corps workers, teachers, and doctors. Several took up ballet. One became the foremost guru of New-Age Taxidermy. The sudden re-appropriation of tax dollars allowed governments to cure cancer and AIDS in three weeks, health care became fully government-subsidized, and school music programs finally received decent funding. Matt's third album, due out next January, will be promoted by a world tour, including the first ever live telecast from the Moon. Matt's favorite ice cream flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip. ...more

Good Morning Glory
Scientifically proven* to be more effective and better for you than a cup of coffee!

*not really.

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
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gabe stenziano

11/24/2008 9:56:12 AM
nice song. great melody. very powerful when it kicks in with the chorus of vocals. gabe



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Psyche's Muse Hi, Matthew! I believe we met on garageband. Best of luck here! Great song too! -M-
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