Multi-instrumentalist. Started playing in Michigan as a teen (bass), moved on to guitar. Also have a lot of time in on drums. Like to specialize in odd arrangements. Believes in many lives, many deaths, and long breaks in between to get away from it all. Currently doing time in Tujunga, California, waiting for the End Of The Oil Age And All That That Implies, and looking to gig my stuff with like-minded minds. If they can play, so much the better.


A medium 8th-feel bluesy progression with a few jazzy chords thrown in, smooth but sharp in the solos. Controversial vocal level, not what you'd call a "real singer", but I get compliments here and there.

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Meet Me In Chinatown
Single acoustic guitar with tambourine and buildup at the end, a couple solos sprinkled in.

Folk/Acoustic Rock/Americana
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Ain't It Grand
A post-teen rant, a clearing of cobwebs, a tune I should've written a long time earlier, an anthem for the more-than-slightly disillusioned, a slap in the face to all Greedy Ones at the Top, a little reminder to Complacent Ones, a big-guitar thing with an 11/4 refrain and a slide guitar ending as a tribute to all the fantastic slide players that have made my life... bearable.

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