Jarrett grew up listening to his Mom and Dad's favorites and they can all be heard in the songs that he writes. It is obvious that he grew up singing in the car to the likes of Van Morrison, Bonnie Raitt and Bob Seger. The depth and soul he possesses in his voice compliment his simple, straightforward approach to songwriting making his music hard not to like. The 25 year old part time musician currently ""makes a living"" working as an Executive Recruiter focused on the tri-state area of the country. He spends his days speaking to high level VP's and Executives at companies like Johnson & Johnson, Sony, Pepsico and Morgan Stanley. He spends his nights and weekends plucking the strings of his Martin Guitar trying to find the next chord progression which will inspire his next ballad.

After completing his BA in Political Science from UC Berkeley where he was a member of the varsity football team Jarrett headed off to Europe with a backpack and Eurorail pass. He soon discovered that the education he got from one the best known public universities in the world was no match for the learning opportunities that travel presents. He hopes to continue his travel throughout the rest of the world and would love to bring his music along with him.

Despite singing and playing a variety of instruments since age 4 Jarrett is still in the initial stages of his career and has recently completed his first album. You can frequently find him at a variety of open mic nights and other small intimate settings with just him and his guitar throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. He is now in the process of marketing himself to larger venues which will feature him and the talented band that backs him up on his album. He has hopes of attracting a record label of some kind which will take him from part time musician to full time. For now he'll simply have to play for the joy that it brings him and his circle of friends and family which is enough of an award to begin with.

Band Members
Guitar & Mandolin-Steve Kirk
Bass-Patrick Trihey
Harmonica-Butch Fenlon
Keyboard-Casey Filson
Drums-Jon Haynes

Love Makes Me Cry

Soft Rock
h h


h h

When We Are Young

Classic and Progressive Rock
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DMD Compact Disc Online
Blues & Soul
A unique blend of straightforward blues with easy going soul.

Easy Listening/Soft Rock  info  

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