Regardless of race, gender or creed, each of us has a seemingly innate drive to accomodate our personal preferences. That is, we enjoy feeling certain ways and doing certain things, and we tend to do whatever we can to feel those ways and do those things as frequently as possible. This is perfectly natural, and is in fact one of those things that makes us human, but it implies something we would be wise to acknowledge: any time we devise a plan to approach this or avoid that, we must take care to ensure that it does not cage us in the long run.

Inevitably, these crafty strategies of ours dull into habits and nestle themselves into our subconscious. From that point forward, they rule our behavior. More importantly, they rule our behavior and we don't know it. We've totally forgotten that they're the result of one of these personal preference pursuits; instead, we begin to believe that they are absolute and compulsory, so we follow them without question. Bit by bit, our lives becomes more and more focused on these formulas rather than the desired states of being that had inspired them. Ultimately, if we don't call them into question with the intent to either update or abandon them, we find ourselves trapped in labyrinths of obsolete rituals, frustrated with, though largely willing to admit, the fact that they no longer work. From here, we spiral down into a profound inflexibility characterized by obsessive attention to impertinent minutia, little things that any spiritually healthy individual would be willing to reconsider or compromise. Instead, we grow increasingly isolated and find ourselves at odds with those around us, and with the world itself. This in turn leads to all foms of violent oppression and insanity. This is bad.

Reconsiderate addresses this issue by directly confronting said "obsolete rituals" and mocking what he feels (or fears) they could yet develop into if left unchecked indefinitely. What he uncovers, both in himself and in others, are unanticipated or unacknowledged bumps in the road, repressed nightmares that have been itching to find their way to the surface. And he lets them out. In this way, Reconsiderate serves as a sort of midwife for a person's instabilities.

During these intense moments of confrontation, Reconsiderate's intentions are that the outdated and dysfunctional strategies be recognized as short-sighted and finite miscalculations, deserving only to be purged as we go back to the drawing board. This process of re-evaluating one's beliefs and calling one's perspective into question is reconsideration, a discipline that supports spiritual and psychological evolution, even at the expense of comfort.

The word itself, "reconsiderate", can be understood as an adjective that means "able and willing to adapt". It is rightly applied to anyone who understands that every aspect of his being, from his most lofty ideals down to his most basic assumptions about life, is subject to infinite scrutiny and is destined to be torn down eventually, razed to clear space for What Will Follow. Reconsiderate folk know when it is their time to go, and they resist not at all. They work with The Little Death, knowing that some immutable facet of their soul survives it, and that only this immortal aspect of the soul is worth their time and attention in the first place. "Why bother with anything else?", they reason. There is no permanent tangible self, so those who agree to change and evolve as the world around them changes and evolves survive. Contrast this with the fate of those who hold onto the constructions of previous selves and chase impossible fantasies...

Foot Soldier
A letter I've written to the sleepers of the world who get all fidgety around me and try to pressure me into "behaving". Screw them! Personally speaking, I'm all excited about this one because I finally got the hang of using the vocoder on my voice. It sounds totally sweet. Check it out when you've got 3 minutes and 52 seconds to spare.

h h

Just Be
Banishing those meddlesome sinners. While programming this one, I set the time to 5/4 and broke up the measures into triplets (rather than quarter notes). In E augmented, it’s pretty wild. Definitely check it out.

h h

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