Greatness and innovation in popular music have happened when artists are uncompromising in their vision. Honesty and integrity in music arise when the feelings and thoughts from the musician to listener arrive unpolluted by selfish motivation. It may be a cliché to talk of heart, hope, or belief in music. However, those ideas are what separate bands who merely follow a trend to chase fame from those who are here to keep music’s spirit alive.
LoMassRepublic falls into the latter category. Combining a modern sound all their own with subtle nods to days gone by, LMR may be rock and rolls missing link to take us way into the 21st century. And before you right them off as the next this or that you need to LISTEN. Better yet you need to see LMR live where they’ll remind you that music is bigger than all of us. They are unapologetically epic and unafraid to challenge both themselves and their fans. So take the chance, let your guard down, and LMR will give you something to believe in.

Falling Apart

Alternative Modern Rock
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Dark Melodic Rock

Modern Rock
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Lo Mass Republic

5/1/2006 3:22:25 PM
Lo Mass Republic will be performing at the Viper Room May 21, 2006 at 10pm. For more info check out



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LO MASS REPUBLIC is a band... influenced by all that came before us, big or small. 5 personalities and their instrument blending together to make sweet music. Evocative sounds + lyrics, sweeping dynamics, and powerful choruses characterize the songs ... emotion and heart make it real. Take it home with you today. We offer a money-back guarantee. LMR is currently putting the finishing touches on it's full-length debut album, and planning a summer tour ++++ anyone that can guess the meaning of our name gets a free CD ...
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Lo Mass Republic