Cinder Red has already climbed into the music scene despite their recent formation in January 2006. The 2006 demo brings back the shredding guitar and the throw your fist up catchy songwriting feel. Try not to be fooled by the short time Cinder Red has existed. Cinder Red comes from a veteran background, cultivated from the band Polaris (Taxis CD Compilation Top 16 Band) and the singer of Aurous (Inland Empire Best Live Show, Best Indie CD, Nominee). All members have played venues ranging from Soma in San Diego to the Roxy in Hollywood, and many more.
*****Within a few short months, the band has already produced a demo, booked shows for the remainder of the year, and hit over 7,000 plays on Myspace. Dont be surprised to get a free CD, or see a Cinder Red flyer in your eyes view. Be ready for some merchandise, more shows, new website, more music, a real live show, and live video access. The next step is conquering orange-county with piercing guitar riffs and catchy vocals. If you like what you hear, sign our mailing list and let others know what your ears are listening to these days. See you at the next event.......

Members include; (l-r) Rocky-drums, Steve-guitar, Shawn-vocals, Randy-lead guitar and Roland-bass.

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July 21st - Cinder Red's first live show at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, CA. Excellent response from the crowd. Great to be back on stage!

May 1st - Demo is finished with our first four songs! - Exciting to get it out there.

March 31st - Cinder Red is nominated as Best Hard Rock band in Orange County, California.
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