Hi there, I'm Alex and welcome to my page :)
I'm a musician from Sweden, used to working in a lot of different genres and right now I'm trying to create more demos for my 'album project' or something similar, and just looking for ways to get my music heard! Last year was more of a breakthrough than anything I've ever experienced and I hope you'll enjoy the tunes, feedback is immensely appreciated!

interview on dmusic

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Spank Momma

3/22/2007 8:26:11 PM
Yes, Your right, lots of cool people and support, The end is beautiful, great production too. Peace Now



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Muriel I was just on the search trying to locate you! Thanks for leaving the link too. You are being added to my station as well! Thanks again. Peace.
till Big up for your work and yourself, Alex. Cherrs from TILL!
The disobediant looner Ok Alex, you can do it, don't stare into the walls now!! Go ahead, be productive!! :p
Muriel Congratulations on having The End nominated for a Golden Kayak award! Here's wishing you all the best. I'm still loving that voice!!
Bill Kasey
* Your song 'Dreamer' has just been added to FREEDOM FOR SEALS station!
* Your song 'A nice guy' has just been added to RTA station!
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