UnTogether is 3 crazee guys from the US and an angry Brit.

We met on VS-Planet when we all recorded on BR8's, and decided to do a collaboration, then that turned into an album and we are still going.

We like to give our music away for free, but will accept donations of booze and gear. Contact us if you want some more of our tuneages, and we will send you some.

Frickin' crazee tune.

indie alternative
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Fly With You
Cool tune about finding your love in an unusual place

Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
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till - till I like what you do. A lot!
till - till Oblivion is a great song!
Timster Glad people are enjoying the tunes. We will be releasing our second CD soon, so if you want one, just leave a message.
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AnigmaS Hi guys!
AnigmaS Hi guys!
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Timster Hey AnigmaS
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UnTogether is currently 4/2tunages done for there next album.
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