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Nine Aligned

6/20/2007 11:41:51 PM
ahhhh... it does work! this is excellent... i didn't realize our pages even had this feature.. i'm going to have to go and flood some pages with some random quips..

Nine Aligned

6/20/2007 11:39:14 PM
Testes testes... one, two...... THREE?



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Cris of "the Nine Aligne Use just once and destroy.. invasion of my privacy.
Cris of Nine Aligned Atleast THOSE five like me!!
Kira sorry, didn't mean to invade your privacy, but you left me a message and don't know what you mean by that comment? "use this once then destroy...invasion of my privacy?" can't tell if you were being friendly or mean. hopefully, friendly. ;)
Kira p.s. ... your songs are really cool too. just listened now and totally dig them ... the darkness and all. ;) kira
kira thx for all the msgs and was nice of you to take the time ... yes, i do like the darkness of your songs and i think you should def keep writing and make more music. will look for your add request at myspace. ;) thx again, kira
Cris of Nine Aligned Got a new condenser microphone for recording vocals!! Sessions start soon and new music to follow shortly.. I'm basically speaking to myself here, but JUST in case.. lol.. more news, I've reunited with an old friend who drums and we've been jamming...
Cris of Nine Aligned So it looks like we are going to form a band as soon as we find a bassist and live shows should be inevitable.. of course I'll post any definite dates immediately.. and that's about all I have for now.. oh, one other thing.. scroll below...
Cris of Nine Aligned Please check out KIRA, if you haven't already.. she is phenomenal.. her music is just too great to explain here in this little box.. her link's written on here somewhere from when she wrote to me, just look for KIRA and get over there now!! :)
kira cris ... oh you are so welcome. glad i can be of inspiration. we all need it, that's for sure! ;) can't wait to hear a new song of yours! kira
balcony privacy? who's?
kira awww! so nice to hear from you cris and thanks so much for your appreciation. we just finally finished our cd after 2.5 years of writing and i can truly say that i love every song .. that was my goal when i started ... just to love every song. took me ...
kira long enough, huh? well, it was worth it. we are sending it off to the lodge in new york to be mastered tomorrow and i have a graphic artist working on the cd design right now. it is all so exciting. ;) i gave birth! ;) kira
kira hey cris, thanks for you nice notes and encouragement and compliments. we just found the coolest graphic designer for the cd ... very excited about it. was looking for a designer who could create what "special betty" (one of our songs) looked like...
kira and we found him. kind of a tim burton type of theme. can't wait to see the design. ;) hope you are having a good week! kira
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Nine Aligned