Lady SpiN aka Christina Shorey, is the latest artist from Red Eye Ent. to be featured on IAC. This is her first single but is deffinately not the lesser of them. ""Can You Feel Me"" has already received awards on These awards include: Best Female Vocals, Best Guitars, Best Mood, and Track of The Day. She has also been featured on the current(06/12/06) #1 Hip Hop song on IAC, ""Ev'ry Townz Gotta Ghetto"" by the group Meshwell. SpiN is a very versitile singer/songwriter that can ""Spin"" from one style to the next on any given track. So team her with her producer brother Flow and other stable mates, you got your self a winning combitnation of talent and skill.
(Red Eye Ent.)
SpiN's Standings Since Joining IAC:
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Reviews from SpiNs old page at
The Guitar is the truth of this track
The Lead Guitar on this track is the truth nothin but the truth the truth
the lead vocals are arranged pretty nice. The Production of the track it self is very professionally done. There is just something about that lead Guitar the just takes this track to the next level. Over all nice track keep up the good work God Bless and Have a Blessed Day!
Reviewed by: DimePieceEnt from Cumberland, Indiana
Now this is what i want to hear. I don't want to hear anything gay, like I did in the previous song. I like this song because the order of how everything flows in this song is very good. The verse to chorus has a great transition. Plus the tone in the guitars is very good. The drums and the bass do a very good job of keeping the foundation in this song. I can't really think of anything wrong with this song. If you guys keep this up then you guys will be famous in no time. Good job Guys!!!
Reviewed by: wp10qx from Riverside, California

Can You Feel Me?
Just listen and tell us what you think. You'll feel it. If you like it and would like to purchase this song, it is now available for download at the price of $1...Enjoy!!

Jam Rock
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ArtistMentorSpeaks Welcome! As requested, you have been added to For Those in Need of Airtime 1! Good luck with your projects!
welcome cookies
TRU Rock Dogg you've got talent just waiting to be harnessed packaged and sold...keep up the good work woman...
Ash Welcome to JAM Nights! Thanks for visiting the stations. Your music is on Requested.
SpiN thank you for the add...i appreciate it...much luv...SpiN
Muriel Go girl! You have a lot of talent waiting to be discovered. Best wishes. Give us more, please!
Johannes Hi - Flow requested you for The Lighthousekeeper. Peace - J.
SpiN thanx muriel, means a lot to hear that....Johannes, deffinately appreciate the add.
Ash and Mortamor Thank you for placing a JAM banner on your page! You rock! and your in the JAM Spotlight!
Flow of Meshwell Congratulations sis!!,,,you made the Rock Top're movin right along now...thanx to all y'all that been supportin my little sister and her music...mad luv for all y'all!!!!
raymond porter the cream always rises to the top.
Baby sis of meshwell Thats right!! Floyd is trying to get me record!!! not gonna happen
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SpiN is currently at #100 on the IAC Rock Charts. She debuted "Can You Feel Me" back on the 14th of July. Now,16 days later, she is setting her eyes on the top spot. Gonna be a long, hard-fought battle in this genre. So many good bands and artists to get by. Whatever happens she knows that she is at least amongst good company. On behalf of Lady SpiN, we thank you for your support of her and The Red Eye Label as a whole.
Red Eye Ent.
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