SERF, a 4 piece band from Huddersfield. Kieran and Dom have been mates since they were 14 when Kieran decided to start a band called Serf, with the help from Dom after swapping the line up round a couple of times James joined the band and in 2006 after Aaron leaving Simon joined to play the drums giving SERF the distinctive sound that we all know and love today.
SERF have been touring round the Uk now for many years and spend a lot of time playing down London were they have a very big fan base. SERF have been support for Shed Seven on there farewell tour and also have had Clint Boon from the ( Inspiral Carpets ) and Fraser ( ex keyboards with Shed Seven ) join them on stage at some of there gigs.
The best way of describing Serf’s music is Rock driven Indie but with a strong hint of Blues mixed in, really it’s hard to describe the music of Serf and the best thing you can do is listen and see what you think. SERF's new album was recorded at the end of 2004 at Abbey Road studios. The album called Love Sex And Money should be in the shops to buy sometime in 2006.
Kieran is the main man behind Serf who is the lead singer and writes all the songs, James is lead guitar and vocals, Dom is bass guitar and backing vocals and welcome to Simon who is the new SERF drummer, with the help from Fraser from time to time on the keyboards with Clint helping out with his DJ skills. If you get the chance to see SERF then take it, you will not be disappointed.

Small Town Blues

Blues Rock
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Love Sex & Money
Title track from SERF's last album

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7/16/2006 4:09:25 PM
Catch SERF at the Denby Dale festival, nr Huddersfield on the 13/08/06 were they will be headlining the musick festival. More dates cumming very soon including dates down London.


6/27/2006 4:25:33 PM
New album more or less finished now, for all you Yorkshire people come and watch us in Huddersfield.... Watch this space for the date and venue



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