Born and raised in Small-town Holland, Ronald van Maren and Jasper Blazer were bored senseless by the time they reached puberty. There were no gigs, no record stores, and they were too young to go drinking in the local bar. With nothing else to do, classmates Ronald and Jasper met up every Friday after school to play along to their Iron Maiden records (hey, they were young, okay?).

That all changed when a friend brought them a Dead Kennedys tape. Blown away by Jello?s anger and energy, they burned their Iron Maiden albums and started collecting punkrock records of all sorts

Through a mutual friend, Ronald and Jasper met up with bass player Bob. They started rehearsing. One and a half years later they were the first European band to be signed by Epitaph.

The band released their first EP in August '97, ""Top of the World."" They played the skate stage at Lowlands Festival (with Pennywise and Down by Law) in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

A bit later, I against I went on a trip to the States, more precisely to the Blasting Room studio in Fort Collins, Colorado, and came back with a kick ass album under their belt, produced by Bill Stevenson and Stephen Egerton from Descendents/All.

February 1998 saw the release of their debut album,""Headcleaner,"" followed by playing shows in Holland, Belgium, Germany and Austria throughout the year, briefly departing to the US to play a showcase at the South By South West festival in Austin, Texas in March.

March 1999 sees the band back in the studio recording their new album guided by the veteran experience of Theo van Rock (Rollins Band, Urban Dance Squad). They came closer to developing their own sound by adding samples and drum loops. The results of which can be found on the album, ""I'm A Fucked Up Dancer, But My Moods Are Swinging"" will be released October 22nd 1999 .

In between recording and mixing the album, the band took time out to go on a European tour with Epitaph labelmates All. Now with everything finished and ready, the boys are eager to get back in the van and hit the fucking road. Expect to see these chirpy chaps playing in a venue near you later this year.

Top of the World

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