In the hot crucible of the Sheffield metal scene a new beginning has been forged. With high-speed guitars using complex melodies over a pounding rhythm and tormented vocals; this is never going to be easy listening. This is extreme, intense guitar playing which sets a new benchmark. But not just speed as the complex rhythms are hard to remove from the conscious. The subliminal movement of the hands erupt into lightning flashes of musical notes which shower and thunder into this forging of superconductive metal. (Rhythms which keep going around and around in your head)
Born in the Metal City, the band have already achieved impressive goals. Playing at some of the best alternative music venues in the country, they continue to captivate audiences and exceed every expectation. The first incarnation began in 2003, establishing themselves quickly on the Sheffield circuit. A year later, two members left due to other commitments, Dave put down his guitar, and Harry, Sam and Mike were welcomed to the already successful band. Now living together, playing together, being horrendously drunk together, Existend are the very definition of Rock.
With influences ranging from the passionate - Rage Against The Machine, Tool, to the raw - The Ramones, through classics - Clapton, Metallica, and Iron Maiden to the unique - Deftones and Dream Theater, their music taste is all-encompassing, a trait which shines like a beacon throughout their compositions.
A band created by 5 unique individuals, Existend are:
Mike (Bass) - The power behind the composition, bringing technique, speed and funk in ample (and equal) quantities.
Harry (Guitars) - Intrinsic knowledge of his sound, a perfectionist in the strictest sense of the word. With solos as well written as his EQ settings, he contributes everything that is 80's.
Sam (Drums) - With an amazing rhythmical memory, and an almost precognitive awareness, Sam brings stability, drive and passion.
Dave (Vocals) - Injecting a powerful melodic feel, with a dark simplicity. He makes you believe in the music.
Stefan (Guitars) - Classically trained, a true technique master. Stefan is lightening fast and technically brilliant. Adding a distinctive sound, complexity and an almost post-modern vibe. This is powerful music. Music with meaning, music with feeling. A composite from the trials and experiences of the band members - inspired by life

Screaming (Existend)
A powerful tune with strong community style lyrics that identify a wide audience and touch on a poignant subject of suicide and futility. Strong vocal melody and precision delivery with a heavy edge

Alternative Hard Rock
h h

Past Best Left Forgotten (Existend)
A big powerhouse tune filled with cool dynamics and a strong vocal melody and delivery

Alternative metal
h h

Turn To Dust (Existend)
A strong sign of good melodic structure at play in this rough demo. Good ballance of melody ad hard hitting twin guitar attack.

Alternative metal
h h

Flickering Flames (Existend)
A strong hooky tune with a well balanced production vibe throughout and some cool twists and turns in the arrangement

Alternative metal
h h

Burn (Existend)
A powerful tune with an old school glam style rock/metal vibe.

Alternative metal
h h

Man On Fire (Existend)
A more interpersonal tune with a big hard edged guitar fgeel and some workable dynamics to the structure

Alternative metal
h h

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Texas Willie

3/23/2008 9:27:45 AM
Congratulations on your Golden Kayak Nomination!

Good Luck and I will see you at the Awards Broadcast!




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