Hard Rock/Metal Band with 6 album releases.
Albums 1-5 are all original material. Band up for Grammy nominations in:
1998 - "Suicide 39"
2002 - "Fastest Spoken Lines"
2010 - "5th Of Strych-Nine
Album 6 is a cover tribute to the bands that influenced Strych-Nine over a 20+ year period

Fast paced hard rock about today's one percent society

Hard Rock
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Large Mouth Bass
Basically a bass drive solo. (This is the instrument, not the fish!)

Hard Rock
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One Badass Song
You guessed it - a badass song

Heavy Rock
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Fun In Violence
What happens when you join the mosh pit

Heavy Rock
h h

This is what war is all about

Heavy Rock
h h

Relationship about you and me

Heavy Melodic Rock
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