In the world of Pilgrim Speakeasy there are few stylistic boundaries. Listening to the album Anarchitecture , we are introduced to an array of instrumentation, Kora, thumb piano, violin, trumpet, djembe, characteristic of West African music but placed in a natural way alongside synth, wah and overdriven guitars, bass, drums and plenty of harmony vocals. But this is not a forced eclecticism or indulgent musicality, it sits perfectly alongside the lyrical expression, which is central to the music and ascertains that this is music of content. Exuberance juxtaposed with mellowness, electronic elements and acoustic percussiveness flow freely within their contexts. This is music born of feel that sits outside of trend and fashion.

“Now rather excitingly the musical maverick is back … Pilgrim Speakeasy combines the funkadelics of Parliament with a political and mystical message the likes of which HOLV (magazine) has never heard before..”

"...experimental and creative, the melding of funk sounds with world music and hard rock into a celebration of musical exploration. I like this disc a lot – and if you give it a chance, you probably will, too..."

Gary Hill.
(Music Street Journal review of the Moon Emperor album.)

Profit and Loss
violince ..heavy groove, psychedelia

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The dugs nutz

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Recently completed the video for the song Black Mind - lots of fun !

Currently recording the follow up to Anarchitecture, tentatively titled 'A Ruff Guide To ...Pilgrim Speakeasy'.
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