The Broadcast Debut's sound is Brit Pop / Piano Rock with raw, emotive vocals. Their unique musical style includes piano, Rhodes, analog synths, catchy melodic guitar leads, rock pounding drums, and has all its members playing multiple instruments as well as sharing vocal duties. They balance the seriousness of their sound with a healthy self-realization, and a dash of modesty.

The band began with founding members Craig Cook and Mark Shoemaker in a basement writing piano and bass songs. Once they found a drummer, they then moved to a rehearsal studio. After a few practices with the songs, it was obvious that their sound would complete itself with the addition of a melodic guitar. After a year of searching, the band brought in a guitarist and became a well-balanced unit in January 2004.

The Broadcast Debut is comprised of singer Craig Cook, who also plays keyboard and guitar; bassist and keyboardist Mark Shoemaker; and drummer Aaron Brown - a powerful, loud pop-rock drummer who keeps the band's sound in sync. The final component is Dan Bolstad, who plays guitar.

Their debut release, an EP titled, A Means For Social Commentary was released in January 2006. The EP is unique because it is beautiful, but not so much that one needs to have an art degree to appreciate it. It's a sampler of the group's favorite songs that they feel represent them well. The release was recorded on 2"" tape with producer and member of the Posies, Jon Auer at Egg Studios in Seattle.

Brooklyn Bridge

Alternative Pop Rock
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Alternative Pop Rock
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A Means For Social Commentary
That Brit-rock sound brings to mind a merging of Keane, Snow Patrol with Counting Crows. It`s a delicate, broad-stroking sound that weaves carefully, slowly constructed melodies that build with intensity as each minute passes on all five songs here. A swooning spirit, almost dreamy, sleepy and sweeping melodies cast a very long glance over this album`s very ambitious music-scape. A promising debut, Very Highly Recommended.

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