Dave was chosen at audition by Brian May & Roger Taylor of Queen to play guitar in the now defunct American production of We Will Rock You. Danny Miranda was chosen by the same two guys to play bass IN Queen (go ahead, you can google us individually) . & Pepe' Jimenez is so damn good, he scares Dave & Danny..... The songs you hear on this page (sadly) do not feature Danny & Pepe, as they are older recordings done mostly by Dave. The new hifi stuff will bring them into the fold. We hope to pry open your third eye & transmit instant ""red pill"" enlightenment, at least for ourselves. Stay tuned.

a drum machine demo, my ode to Marc Bolan & T-Rex great album, The Slider

Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
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Dj Ricky Worden

3/26/2007 10:35:03 AM
Very Good ;)



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Working in the studio on new things, we hope to pry open our collective third eye,.. with a crowbar if necessary.
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