Katie Workman is a girl who knows herself and knows what to do with her life, and when it came to writing her eagerly awaited first album, “Tran_scripts”, she had one crystal clear goal in mind: To say something that would make a difference in peoples lives. While visiting St. Petersburg, Russia in 2005 to perform in churches and orphanages she grasped for the first time the desperate need of third world nations and the Canadian-born pop/rock independent artist realized that she could use her songs and unique voice to make a dynamic impact.
“Tran_scripts” is brimming with gutsy guitar riffs and instantaneously catchy head boppin’ choruses, powerful pop and quiet introspection. It’s an album that rocks hard in all the right places and whispers softly when it needs to be thoughtful. Katie is obsessed with writing. Writing prayers, songs, notes, letters, random thoughts - she writes them all down, helping her to organize her thoughts and figure things out. She was doing a lot of ""figuring out"" when she wrote the songs on “Tran_scripts”. Each one is a story; a continuing tran_script of the life of Katie Workman. That’s why she chose “Tran_scripts” as the title of her first record. The result is a collection of songs that reveal the personal struggles of this singer/songwriter, from the, angry and defiant “Not Even Missing You” (Katie has a bit of fun with this one) to the irrepressible first single “I’ll Go”—to the emotional ballad “Waiting,” which she wrote for a close long-time friend.
As an artist with a keen and well-trained ear for vocals and harmony, Katie was intensely involved in every aspect of Tran_scripts’ creation: From being firmly independent while writing her own songs (“I’d hate to have anyone telling me what to write,” she emphasizes. “I knew exactly how I wanted it to sound”), to choosing her producer and session band, to tirelessly making the three hour trek (one way) and tweaking vocal tracks in the studio, she worked hard to ensure that it would be her very best.
The album features the production skills of Andy Horrocks (who has also produced Thousand Foot Crutch, Jody Cross, Miranda Stone, Hello Kelly, and Bevacqua. The process turned out to be a blast: “I didn’t know making a record could be so fun,” she says. She was eager to work with Andy again, as she says, “What’s great about Andy is that he’s a talented artist as well as being an incredible producer and he really listened to my ideas and worked hard to make this a CD that I would be proud to put my name on. The relaxed atmosphere in the studio comes across in the songs themselves (“For “Waiting” Andy turned off all the lights and lit a candle to create to right mood,” Katie relates)
Five of the songs on Tran_scripts—“Don’t Forget,” “Worthless, “Home,” “Nothing New” and “Let Them Hear”—were co-written with James Linderman. “James is not only a great songwriter but he’s a great teacher. I’ve learned so much by working with him” she says, affectionately. “I look forward to writing with him again on my next album”.
Of course, all of the gutsy, buoyant energy that drives the album will come to life in the live show that Katie is taking to the stage—she has assembled a new band, which include her fiancé her youngest sister and older brother. “It’s going to be sweet,” Katie says. “I’ve always dreamed of working alongside my big bro…he’s so talented and as obsessed with music as I am.
A great deal has happened in Katie Workman’s life since her chilly February visit to Russia, when she was 19 years old. Doors just kept on opening that lead her closer and closer to recording her first album as a means to launch her career and pursue her “mission” in life. Katie strives to keep her feet on the ground and her eyes focussed on writing powerful life changing lyrics and songs. The Peterborough, Ontario native isn’t chasing superstardom, although she’s thrilled to be breaking into the U.S. and Canadian charts. She grasping at something bigger than herself and even bigger than music by donating a portion of the proceeds from concert revenue and product sales to MISSION of T.E.A.R.S
She’s getting married this year, which makes focusing on her career a little challenging, but it hasn’t slowed her down. She continues to write songs spawned from her experiences in life and is driven by the desire to share them with the world. “Tran_scripts” is Katie Workman at a new stage in her life; she’s passed through the shadows of teen naivety and emerged ready to sing out, rock on and have fun. She hopes you enjoy the fruits of her obsession.

I'll Go
gusty guitars riffs...head boppin' tune

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James Linderman - Review

Katie Workman is a songwriter at the very core of her being and that's what helps make her newly released premier cd Trans_c_r_i_p_ts so personal and confessional...and practically testimonial.
As a vocal force to be reckoned with, Katie takes this inner dialogue and makes it completely universal, singing passionately for all of us who have found ourselves believing in God, yet still struggling with the many and varied ""real world"" issues that challenge us in a faith driven life.
Musically, it's a cd that rocks hard in all the right places and whispers softly when it needs to be thoughtful. Every song fits just right.
Trans_c_r_i_p_ts was recorded and produced by the very talented Andrew Horrocks at AME Studio with a world class band in a world class setting so the cd delivers Katie's captivating and moving songs ready for a world class audience.
Give Katie Workman's new cd Trans_c_r_i_p_ts a listen and prepare to be moved.
James Linderman
Harmony House

Reviewed by Trevor Kirk
Cross Rhythms (UK)
Billed as ""the tiny girl with the big voice"", and resident in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, singer/songwriter Katie Workman is obsessed with writing - she says as much in the sleeve notes of this, her debut CD. Prayers, songs, notes, letters, journals, random thoughts - writing helps her to organize her thoughts and figure things out. What many seem to have figured out already is that this lass has talent. She reminds me very much of Leslie Phillips, she even echoes a few of the vocal mannerisms that made Phillips' early albums so distinctive. Katie's focus at times is on relationships on a human level, and at other times on her relationship with her Lord. Katie describes her style as ""faith-based rock"", she wrote or co-wrote all of the 11 tracks on the album and production is excellent, properly mixed with a tight band. All in all, this is a very polished debut, and worth investigating.

pretty darn good
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Katie Workman