Who is this prolific NOISE MAKER who arrives in the galaxy
of electro music?
The particular touch of his music comes from the
world of graphics, painting, a very visual plastic with dramatic
then light intensities, slipping sometimes on the territory of music.
A strange machine settling in a vibratory nebula. Its flight remains
visible in spite of interferences. Determined, it flies to
the meeting of the inhabitants of its sphere, filled with its celestial food
, it spreads JAZZY sounds like a splendid comet.
This meteor is named: LILIMU
LILIMU tells us its stories as if you were reading a
comic strip or diving into a brightly colored Kandisky painting
where listeners would allow themselves to be lured in by surprising and
emotional forms.
An Ideal music for the illustration, the movie, its stays unique and
Isn’t it the main purpose of art, to create a moving novelty ?
A perfect chemistry made of varied sources as much as current sources
of inspiration, Jazz, Pop, classical, Hip-Hop, R&B... To make you
stir, feel and dance. LILIMU takes us on a journey around a
colourful world, full of surprises, it's as simple as that, so just have a
ook and listen to it!


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