In 2001, Authentic began his journey into hip-hop music, when he created his first beat. As he produced more beats on a daily basis, he began writing lyrics that were inside of him, and brought out by the beats he made. Being a child of the rap generation, it took him some time to develop his own style and figure out who he was going to be as an artist, and as a producer. Being influenced by many different artists, you can always expect innovation and creativity with everything he touches.

In 2001, Authentic recorded his first song. While in the process of writing this song, he decided that he wanted to handle all aspects of the music that he would create. The first track was recorded on a laptop computer, with a $10 headset microphone. Following his first, he recorded 15 more tracks. His music revolved around what he knew at that time. Issues with his son’s mother, legal troubles, anger, and depression. Since he recorded his first CD off a head set Mic, the fuse has been lit. He did realize that the quality was poor, and he had to step it up, if he wanted to be taken serious.

In 2002, Authentic had a trial for felony menacing as well as 3 other charges. He was convicted of menacing and was placed into jail for 3 months awaiting sentencing. While incarcerated he had an eye opening experience that has forever changed his life. When he entered the Adams County detention center, his stage name was “Solow” He went in feeling “Solow”. Meaning he felt so low about his life and like, he was on a solo mission. After being in the most sobering place on earth, he changed his perspective, and chose the name “Authentic”. Authentic realized there was no other word that he wanted to represent who he was. From the words that he wrote, to the beats that he made, and from the way he carried himself, he promised to always be “Authentic”. While being in jail he realized that music did not always have to be a replica of something or someone else. He listened to local hip-hop stations and felt like most artists and songs on the radio were pointless, and had no real message of any kind. He was trying to look at music for a sense of therapy, but was unable to find it in the music that was being played. While in jail he wrote out a business plan. Authentic realized the only way to really change the music that he heard was to write out a strategic plan, and follow it systematically to achieve a result that he wanted.

At the sentencing, Authentic was placed on 2 years ISP. Upon his release he followed his plan and began achieving the things he had set out too. First, he went to the music store, and bought a Yamaha mixer, 2-studio condenser microphones, and a brand new computer. After purchasing the equipment to record quality music, he took the time to trademark and register T.D.P Records, and design & build a recording booth. The intention of T.D.P Records was to provide quality, honest, and realistic music Til Death Part (T.D.P)

In 2003, his son’s mother was killed in a car wreck. When that event happened it put into perspective that, it was time to go full speed. He started auditioning artists to sign with his label, while steal working on his own music. He began to post music on numerous web site’s. After getting good reviews for his music, he just continued to keep his eye on the prize. The reviews were mainly positive, but also had the negative reviews that were able to give him an opinion to improve upon. His main criticism was that he rapped “Old School”, or he had a bad “Delivery”. Authentic scene them as compliments, being a fan of old school hip-hop, but still used the criticism of his audience to improve his writing, and the way he spoke it.

In 2004 he performed his first show, and fell in love with the entire concept. Having 3 artists under his control, he continued to grow. He would enter certain artists in free style contest. While they were busy winning, he was networking growing his audience and business contacts. At the same time he was continuously producing other local acts and getting major response for his work, and began selling beats to out of state artists as well. In late 2004, he recorded and pressed his first full-length quality album. He pressed 1000 copies and had little trouble getting rid of them. His feed back has always been filled with praise for originality and the ability for others to relate with his topics. Authentic has always recorded, produced, arranged, and written all his music. The result of handling all aspects of his music has made him into his own worse critic. Although it may sound good to others, it is hard for Authentic to be satisfied, or feeling like there is not room for improvement.

From 2005 to 2006, Authentic continued to produce local acts, perform shows, and write song’s, but was constantly trying to perfect the art of hip-hop music. He spent many hours listening to music, and finding ways to improve his writing, his style, and the way he produced.

2007 was a break out year for Authentic. He performed over 50 shows, while consistently recording new music, and building relationships through out the hip-hop community. Authentic prides himself, on all of his music being honest, and original. Not trying to become an artist to sell, but selling the artist that he has become. He works his 8-5 and provides for his family while still actively doing music. In 2008, Authentic plans to keep doing shows, and learning more each day, until he is a force in the hip-hop game. He continues to work with artists of all styles across the states, and developing the T.D.P Records artists as well . Authentic has reality clear in his sight. Music is his life, and the main cause for doing music is the release that it provides him, by using it as an outlet. Interested in only making real music and not becoming another 35 year old artist waiting for there “Big Break”.
2008, Authentic stayed on his path, and continuously grew better at performing, recording, writing, and producing. While steadily doing show, and producing new acts, he also focused on the business side of music, which should show more so in 2009 & 2010

For 2010, expect the same school of thought, but a far better product really showing the progression as an artist and man. Every move made in 2010 and beyond will be a caluclated move, which will either further the career of Authentic, or will not occur

Hold Me
A Song about love, murder and regret

Hip Hop/Rap
h h

SO Black


Underground Rap
h h

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