Being influenced by (U2,Pearl Jam,maroon 5,stereophonics Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Incubus,..) and due to cultural mixes, “grandi” is the perfect example of an interracial symbiosis in Europe created in the south of Spain, Marbella, (Andalusia).
When Riccardo Grandi first meets Emiliano Bares in summer of 1999 they start to work out first ideas of a band, what later should become “grandi”, since that time the challenge has been to find musicians with the same ideology, discipline, quality and dedication.
It took 4 years to find musicians with those skills and with Ramiro Bares (drums), Mariano Pollet (bass guitar), Juan Carlos Fernandez (piano & keyboards), they achieved without any doubt the best option to complete this multicultural project.
In October 2006 “grandi” releases the debut album “inside and away” and starts to rehears, with the main objective to be on the road in 2007/2008.
Besides the professionalism that characterizes this band, a long friendship is the keyword that guarantees a great and powerful team performance on stage.

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