Since the band’s formation in June 2004, Phazer has already collected several good reviews from all types of press and was described as the “big promise of the Portuguese Rock”. The Lisbon band identifies itself with the Hard-Rock style, but without creative limitation to any kind of music style, they drift into several music styles from Heavy-Metal to progressive Rock and including more alternative styles as Funk, remembering the Rock and Heavy-Metal movement of the 70’s, 80’s and the middle of 90’s.

Early on PhaZer start working and composed several songs. In the beginning of 2005, the band presented their first songs to the Lisbon audience in the mini-tour named "Beta-Tour". After this period of concerts the band enters in Studio to start recording its debut record EP "Revelations" as self-production without any support. The chosen place was Namoche studio in Lisbon, with the partnership of Quim Monte (Moonspell, Under the Moonspell) and Fred Stone (Blasted Mechanism) for the record production.

In June 2006, the EP “Revelations” was released, and soon was unanimous acclaimed by the national and international press as one of the best records in 2006, and the band was considered one of the best Portuguese new acts in 2006. "Revelations" still earns more popularity playing in several international and national radios. Without denying the desire to reach the international market, PhaZer begins a partnership with the German promoter AMK Legacy with the purpose of promoting PhaZer internationally.

After the “Revelations” release, PhaZer return to the road to the anticipated “Revelations Tour” for the record promotion, covering practically all Portuguese Rock and Metal "hotspots”, e.g. the "Hard Rock Cafe" of Lisbon, several festivals, showcases, motorcycle festivals, etc. This tour allowed the band to attract many new fans all over the country. Due to the Public’s strong acceptance, the band continues to tour, presenting its audience with wild performances of the most pure Hard Rock, while at the same time, the band is seeking a label agreement to support the new songs which are being composed for the “Revelations” successor.

PhaZer are:
Miranda - Vocals
Gil Neto - Guitar
Henrique Martins - Bass
Nelsun Caetano - Drums

Love Kills

Licensed Cover

Hard Rock
h h

Lament To the World

Licensed Cover

Acoustic Rock
h h

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Driving from the elaborated structures of Led Zeppelin to the easy roughness of The Cult, Phazer’s rock road is merely one. Strong, with powerful rhythm and sweetened by melodic guitar and vocal structures.

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